Who invented boom box?

In 1975 the first boom box was invented by Woelfel Brothers. The speakers and the eight track car stereo were placed in a wooden box. It had the capability of playing cassettes along with the local radio stations too. With the popularity of hip- hop culture in 1980 boom box became a craze for teenagers and youngsters. The other common names for boom box are ghetto blaster, jam box and radio- cassette. The boom box thereafter was modified several times to make it more powerful, more attractive and handy. The original characteristics of the boom boxes were their rectangular shape, sharp edges and chrome appearance. The boom box has all the required components powerful speakers, amplifiers, radio tuner and cassette player; all required for entertaining one with good music. The additional advantage of the boom box is the ability of using both AC/DC electrical powers.

The modified boom box has the features of volume control, bass, tone control and short wavelength reception. The additional slots help in adding more speakers and mikes to the system. It is also used as record players and the people in musical profession have made huge investments for the same. With the change in appearance the technology has also made change in the boom box, the cassette slots and turntables are replaced by CD player installations. The boom box invention has added a lot to the music world.

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    At 12:09 pm, September 19, 2011
  2. Yo without the boom box music would not be what it is today!

    At 3:17 pm, February 16, 2012
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