Who invented broom?

The broom is in use since 18th century. The brooms used earlier were made of animal fur and hair tied together with a piece of cloth. The broom was of great importance to clean the cooking area as that was the messiest part of the house and even the wooden floors in those days. The invention of broom took place in 1797 when a farmer of Hadley, Massachusetts named Levi Dickenson made a broom from sorghum for his wife. His wife was quite happy with the results of the broom and talked about in the neighborhood. Everyone wanted to own the same kind of broom and the demand for the same was high. Soon the cultivation of sorghum increased and it was popularly called the broom corn. The tassels of the broom corn were fastened to the handle with two holes to bind them together with a piece of cloth.

In 1810 the foot operated broom machine witnessed Industrial revolution. Many people involved themselves in the broom business and in 1820s Shakers changed the look of the broom and a broom with a new shape hit the market. The U. S. became the largest producer of the brooms by 1830 and was exporting the brooms to different countries like Canada, Europe and South Africa.

The broom industry flourished, innovating new ideas and giving new shapes to brooms in the U. S. and Mexico is supplying the commercial broom corn to the country.


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