Who invented defibrillator?

Defibrillator was invented by William B. Kouwenhoven in 1930. William studied the relation between the electric shocks and its effects on human heart when he was a student at John Hopkins University School of Engineering. His studies helped him to invent a device for external jump start of the heart. He invented the defibrillator and tested on the dog. It was in 1947; Dr. Carl Beck tested the technique on the human patient and saved his life. This was a new phase in the medical field and thereafter defibrillator passed through many stages of improvement. In the year 1962, Lown and Neuman made use of a defibrillator that was powered by DC current and was more reliable and safe.

Defibrillator is made use of in cases of irregular heart beating. The person might suffer from this irregularity due to heart surgery, cardiac problem or heart attacks. The use of defibrillator helps in restoring the normal heart beat and functioning of the heart.

The invention of modern and portable defibrillator has facilitated the lifeguards and other rescue people such as police, fire fighters to save number of lives in the times of emergency. They are so compatible and easy to use that any person can use it without any special training for the same. The machine is so designed so as to judge that whether the patient needs its treatment or not. If the same is not required it will not pass on the shock to the patient.

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