Who invented Valentine?

Valentine’s Day started in 500 A. D. It was started by Pope Saint Gelasius I, the third pope of the Catholic Church. He named the day after Saint Valentine or Saint Valentinus. The name Valentine is derived from a Latin word “valens” meaning worthy, strong or powerful. In ancient Rome a Pagan festival was celebrated and to Christianize the same, the festival was renamed as “Saint Valentine’s Day” by the church. The Valentine day took a totally different shape in the 18th century. The businessmen started generating profits by making cards associated with the festival. The festival changed to romance. The famous English poet Chaucer wrote a beautiful poem to mark the first anniversary of the engagement of King Richard II of England. The earliest cards were handwritten and by 19th century the market was flooded with printed cards containing love verses for young men and women. In Japan this festival started in 1935 and was named giri choko meaning obligatory chocolate.

Another legend says that a priest named Valentine defied the orders of the Roman Emperor Claudius and continued to perform marriages. As Claudius believed that the young men after getting married did not join army out of love for their wives. When Valentine was caught performing marriages, he was sentenced to death and the day was 14th February.

Now this day is celebrated all around the world. People exchange love notes, gifts, flowers and chocolates and make each other feel special.

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